Your New Life As An Indie/Contractor

Mike Acton, our gracious facilitator of #AltDevBlogADay, has given us a challenge; show your ignorance (in other words, write about what you don’t know). I’m going to turn that on its head a little and instead write about what I didn’t know when I became an indie, so that you can have more of a head start.

For those of you that made the switch to indie (and those of you who are just about to), that’s great! That’s an important first step towards taking charge of your own destiny. Good for you!

I have been an independent game developer for over 11 years. Out of those 11 years, I have worked from my home office exactly 100% of the time. I’m still learning from my mistakes, so I thought it would be a good idea to point out some things you might not have thought about and give you a few warnings to help you better prepare for your new life as an independent game developer/contractor.

Since I am a software engineer by trade, I normally write about technical/geeky things (like, with source code). I’m starting my #AltDevBlogADay series with something a little different:

Fellow indies/contractors/others with a home-based business, this article is for you… Continue reading “Your New Life As An Indie/Contractor”

Your New Life As An Indie/Contractor